When is the Fruit Loop Ride?

Sunday 9th September 2018

How much is it to enter?

50km – $75 ($85 for entries on the day)
115km – $100 ($110 for entries on the day)

Kids’ Ride to KidsTown – $25 for an adult and child under 12. ($30 for entries on the day)


Website entries close on Friday, 7th September 2018 at 4.00pm

What are the starting times for each route?

115 km Dookie Ride – Registrations from 7.00. Ride commencing at 8.00

50 km Congupna Ride – Registrations from 8.00. Ride commencing at 9.30

Kids’ Ride to KidsTown – Registrations from 9.30. Ride commencing at 10.00

Will there be anything to eat?

Free BBQ for riders  will be available after the Rides.

Food is provided at Dookie (115 km riders) and Congupna (50 km riders)

Shops on the route?

Dookie has a cafe and a milk bar for those riding the 115 km option.

Is there a shorter option for the 115 km riders?

For safety reasons, the 115km riders who drop behind the field will be required to bypass the Dookie circuit reducing the ride to a little under 100 km.

The Dookie loop is the circuit used for a number of road racing events during the year and includes a few short climbs to get your heart pumping.  If you do not tackle the Dookie loop you will rejoin the ride as the riders comes back through Dookie.

Please do not leave Dookie for Shepparton before the lead car.

Is the Kids’ Ride to KidsTown on roads?

No. The ride to SPC KidsTown is on the bike trails through bush land from Shepparton to SPC KidsTown and back.

Who can enter the Kids’ Ride to KidsTown?

The Kids’ Ride to KidsTown is for children under the age of 12 years who must be accompanied by an adult who enters the ride with the child. The entry fee for a child and supervising adult is $25.00

Can I buy a memento of the ride’s 18th year?

The popular Fruitloop branded ride jerseys are now available for 2018 – click HERE to buy one!

Do we ride on dirt/ gravel roads?

The rides are all on sealed roads. Road bikes are usually ridden but mountain bikes can be ridden if slick tyres are fitted.

Are ASA approved helmets required?

Yes, this is a condition of your entry. An inspection may be requested.

Do I need brakes on my “fixie”?

Yes, all bikes must have brakes to be roadworthy. We cannot let you ride without brakes!

What if my bike breaks?

Mechanical support is available along the route but you are expected to be able to change and repair a puncture. It is also recommended that you have your bike serviced before the event. If major repairs are carried out you will be expected to pay for the parts; for example new tubes, tyres, chains.

What if I can’t continue?

A recovery and back up vehicle will follow all three rides. You can catch a ride with them or be dropped ahead to catch the field of riders and resume riding.

Who gets the profit from the ride entry fee?

The Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service Inc is the worthy charity supported by the ride.

Is it a race?

The Fruitloop Ride is a ride event and NOT a race. No timing is carried out.

How do I know my way?

The route will have indicator signs at cross roads and all changes of direction. Police will monitor your departure out of Shepparton. There is a lead car and a tail car for each ride. The tail car will assist all riders and communicate with the Ride Director if a rider cannot go on or wishes to withdraw from the event.

What time do I have to reach Dookie and compete the ride?

At the Ride Director’s sole discretion slower riders may be requested to either bypass the Dookie Circuit, be picked up by the recovery vehicle or leave the ride if they are behind to an extent the marshalls are unable to safely monitor the entire riding group.

If a rider is directed to leave the event and refuses or fails to comply with directions from the Ride Director or other official he or she will continue the ride at his or her own risk and without support.

Please aim for for a minimum average of 20 to 25km per hour for the 115 km ride.

Does the ride include tandems?

Yes. Each tandem rider will be required to pay an entry fee.

Can you tell me where Princess Park Shepparton is?

We’ve added a map. Click Here (West end of Nixon Street, Shepparton)

What do I get for my money?

Your entry puts in you in the draw for the entry prizes.

Tea and coffee, BBQ lunch, salads, fruit and drinks will be available at the Start/Finish.

Hot showers are available for riders at the finish.

How do I keep safe riding out of the city of Shepparton?

Police may (but no guarantees) be present at some of the busier intersections for the first 4 kilometres of the ride. Please ride at a slower speed (around 25 kph maximum) keeping to just two abreast. You are required stay in ONE bunch or as directed so that motorists are not delayed too long if stopped by Police.

Further questions may be directed to: