This is a ride, not a race!

Welcome to the 2017 Fruitloop Ride and thank you for your support of the Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service.

ASSISTANCE: For any assistance required during your ride please ring the Ride Director on 0474 499 301

BE PREPARED: Check the weather forecast on the day of the ride and take along clothing appropriate for the anticipated conditions.

SPEED: You are expected to maintain a speed of around 25 kph on the longer routes.

DIFFICULTIES: If you are experiencing difficulties you can talk to the driver of the tail car who will find a way to  help you have a great ride.  The phone number on your wrist band contacts the Ride Director and he will co-ordinate any assistance you require from an ambulance officer, bike maintenance van or sag wagon.

COMPLYING WITH DIRECTIONS: If you ride ahead of our lead car or behind of the tail car or if you fail to comply with directions from the Police or ride officials you are officially out of the event and we are unable to provide you with support.

ROAD RULES: All the roads used in the ride are open to traffic and you are subject to the usual road rules. The Police expect you to keep to a maximum of two riders abreast and to show you have stopped at stop signs by placing one foot on the roadway. The Police can and have in past rides booked riders for breaching road rules.

REST STOPS: There is a stop at Dookie (50 km) for those riding the 115 km option and Congupna is a stop for the 50km ride

Dookie is a toilet stop and water is available.  The Dookie Store and Dookie Emporium will be open for coffee and food if required.

Congupna is a food and water stop with toilets available.

Excess clothing can be left at any of these stops and items will be returned to the Registration Desk for your collection on your return to Shepparton.

FOOD AND SHOWERS: A complimentary BBQ lunch of hamburgers, fruit and wraps awaits you at the Start/Finish.  Hot showers are available, men in the Swans’ change rooms and women in the visitors’ rooms.

DIRECTIONS: There will be some marshalls on the course, but generally you will rely on the signage for directions.

SAFETY is our priority and these are a few guidelines to follow:

*Please break into groups of 20 riders at most leaving a space between groups for any passing cars.

*Magpies may swoop – spread out a little in your group and ride on, head down.

*If anyone is injured please give assistance and ring the Ride Director on 0474 499 301, the number on your wristband

* There may be loose gravel at some intersections

* You must report back to the Registration desk so we know you completed your ride safely

As you ride off please do so very slowly, two abreast maximum, as the Police escort you through sets of  lights and out of the city.

Have a great ride!